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Sesame seeds


• Unhulled sesame seeds
They are the unprocessed sesame seeds obtained from sesame plant Sesamum indicum. L.
• Hulled sesame seeds
They are the seeds obtained from dehulled rawsesame seeds.
 Sesame seeds are divied according to the seed color into:
- White sesame seeds
The are the seeds with outside skin colour varies from white to yellow ish white provided that the other colours do not exceed 5 % by weight.
- Red sesame seeds
They are the seeds with outside skin colour red or brown provided that they shal not be, be weight, less than 26%.
- Mixed sesame seeds
They are the white sesmae seeds that contain more than one 5% and less than 25% of the other coloured seeds.


• Genreal requirements
The sesame seeds shall comply with following general requirements:
- Safe for human consumption.
- Shal have the characteristic colour, taste and odour of the sesame seeds.
- Clean, safe, free from imurities and other toxic and unhealthy seeds.
- Free from living and dead insect, their parts and different phases, rodents, parasite and baird and their remains.
- Free from fungal growth seen by naked eyes.
- The unhulled seeds shall not be genetically modified, hulled sesame seeds shall be declared on the lable whether it is genetically modified.

• Tchnical requirements
The sesame seeds properities shall comply with limits shown in the table belew
Limits (%)
Hulled seeds Unhulled sesame seeds
Moisture(max) 6 7
Acide insoluble ash (w/w)(max) 0,3 0,5
Ash (max) 3,5 6
Protein on dry weight bases (Nx6.2)(min) 19 19
Fat(min) 45 47
Total imputities(max) 0,5 2
Harmful and demaged seeds(max) - 4
Unhulled seeds (max) 0,5 -

- Mycotoxins and heavy metals and pesticides residues in the product shall not exceed the limits according to the Sudanese Standard.
- Radiation level in the product shall not exceed 10 bq/kg.
- Microbial level in the product shall not exceed the maximum permissible limits according to Sudanese Standard to be issued in this respect.

- The product shall be packed in clean containers not previously used and water proof and shall not lead to contamination or changes in the natural properties of the product making it unfit for human consumption.
- The packages used shall comply with Sudanese Standard specified for each kind of the products as shown below:
- Packages shall be made from multilayered papers or polyethylene for hulled sesame seeds.
- Packages shall be made from multilayered papers, polyethylene or jute for hulled sesame seeds.

In addition to the requirements state in SDS 2889:2011 (packed food or label specification), the following information shall be shown in the package and the paper documents.
- Name of the product(Sesame seeds :unhulled,hulled)
- Type of the product (sesame seeds : white,red or mixed).
- Name and address of the producer and trade mark(if any).
- Country of origin..
- Net weight in kilograms.
- Production date and date of harvest for hulled seeds.
- Shelf life (month-year).

- The products shall be transported under good conditions that protect it from weather change, insect infestation,rodent, contamination and damage.that
- Means of transport shall be clean, not used befor for transportation of pesticides, herbecides or any other toxic materials that may cause change in chemical or physical properties of the product.
The product shall be stored in good premises that have not been used before for storing toxic materials and shall be safe to the extent that protects the product from the damage by insects, rodents, humidity and high temperature.
The sesame seeds stores shall comply with SDS 3891(food material storages premise).