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Gum Arabic


Gum Arabic is the dry exudates obtained from the stems and braches of Acacia Senegal Var .Senegal (L) Willdenow (fam Leguminosae). It consists mainly of salts of an acidic Arabinose - GA lactose protein complex which on hydrolysis Yields GA lactose, arabinose, Ramones , glucuronic acid and 4-0-methyl glucuronic acid.
Prebiotic is a non digestible food ingredient that beneficially affects the host by selectively stimulating the growth and/or activity of one or a limited number of beneficial bacteria in the colon. And thus improve host health.


Identification Tests :-
It’s highly soluble in water, gives up to 50% solution, but insoluble in ethanol.
Should pass hydrolysis products test.
Specific optical rotation [α]ᵈ₂sc should be in the range of (-22) to (-34).
Loss in drying should not exceed 15% (105c, 5hrs).
 Purity Tests :-
Purity tests are carried out on dry weight basis :

Total ash should not exceed 4%.
Nitrogen content should be in the range of 0.24 to 0.41%.
Protein content should be in the range of 1.58 to 2.7% using nitrogen conversion factor (NCF) of 6.6.
Arsenic should not exceed 3mg/kg.
Lead should not exceed 10mg/kg.
Heavy metals should not exceed 40mg/kg.
It should not contain starch and dextrin.
It should be free from tannins.
It is normally packaged in:

Jute bags of 50 kg capacity.
Polypropylene bags lined with food grade polyethylene of 25-50 kg capacity.
Multi-layered paper bags lined with food grade polyethylene of 25-50 kg capacity.
As agreed, upon, between customer and supplier.

Its normally stored in a properly constructed warehouse, under clean, cool and dry condition according to Sudanese standard SDS 3891/2007.