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Cotton seeds


Cotton seeds
We offer cotton seeds which obtained from ginning of cotton plant flower belonging to the family Malvaceae and classified into two species:
Black Cotton seed
It is seed obtained from ginning of long stable cotton( Gossypoium barbadens ).
White cotton seed
It is seed obtained from ginning of the short stable cotton(Gossypoium hirsutum).
General description
Mature and sound.
Free from insect infestation.
Genetically approved by the authorized body.
Technical specifications
Property Limits
Black cotton seed White cotton seed
Oil(min) 18 15
Protien(min) 19 19
Moisure(max) 7 7
Free fatty acids(max) 2.0 2.0
Fiber (max) 22 22
Total ash (max) 5.5 5.5
Impurities (max) 1.2 1.2
  •  Mycotoxins, heavy metals and pesticide residues limits exceed the permissible limits specified in Sudanese standard which shall be issued in this respect.
  • Radiation level in the product not exceed 10 bq/kg.
  • Microbial level in the product not exceed the maximum permissible limits according to Sudanese standard to be issued in this respect.


  • Normally packed in clean, strong containers not previously used. And not lead to contamination or changes in the natural properties of the product making it unfit for human consumption.
  • The packages used normally comply with Sudanese Standard specified for it.
  •  packages allow respiration of the product such as jute.


  • It transported under good condition that protect it from weather changes, insect infestation, rodents, contamination and damage.
  • Means of transport is be clean, not used before for transportation of pesticides, herbicides, toxic materials or any other material that may cause change in the quality of the product.


  • The product normally stored in good premises that have not been used shall before for storing toxic materials and shall be safe to the extent that protect the product from damage by insects, rodent, humidity and high temperature.
  • It Normally stores shall comply with SDS 3891(food material storage premises).