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- Decorticated groundnuts (Peanuts)
The whole, fully mature, clean and decorticated groundnuts from the type A rachis hypogeal L.

- Hand selected ground nuts
The decorticated ground nuts intended for human consumption and graded according to size as shown in clause 3.2.1.
- Ground nuts for oil extraction
Decorticated ground nuts seeds intended for oil extraction.
- Whole kernels
The kernels not split or broken.
-split kernels
The separate half of the kernels.
- Foreign material
Particles of any substances rather than ground nuts kernels.
- Sound
Whole kernels free from damage or minor defects.
- Minor defects
Minor defect affected by some change like skin or flesh discoloration, sprout or dirt.
- Damage
The kernel affected by rancidity or decay, mold, surface covered by dirt, insects or its part and worms and their remains.


Groundnuts grains shall have the following general requirements:
1- Free from foreign odor and shall have their characteristic odor and taste.
2- Free from a live and dead insect, their part.
3- Clean and free from parasites and visual fungal growth.
4- Safe and shall not contain toxic or hazardous as seeds to human health.

• Technical Requirements :-
Grades of decorticated hand selected groundnuts:
- Excellent: The weight of 100 grains shall not be less than 100g.
- Grade 1: The weight of 100 grains shall not be less than 83g.
- Grade 2: The weight of 100 grains shall not be less than 71g.
- Grade 3: The weight of 100 grains shall not be less than 56g.
• Groundnuts grains shall have the properties according to the limits stated in the following table :
Properties Limits
Hand selected Oil extraction
Moisture %(max) 9 9
Oil % (min) 40 40
Protein % (min) 22 -
Free fatty acids (max) 2 3
Foreign matter (max) 0.1 2
Broken kernels %(max) 1 5
Damaged kernels % (max) 0.1 0.3
Slightly damaged % (max) 0.5 0.75
Other species % (max) 0.1 0.5
*Filth shall not exceed 0.1 %

• Heavy metals, mycotoxins and pesticides residues in groundnuts grains shall not exceed the limits stated by SDS 2839 /2016 (Groundnuts and groundnuts products contaminants).
• Microbial limits in groundnuts grains shall not exceed the limits stated by SDS that will issue by SSMO in this respect.
• Radiation level in groundnuts grains shall not exceed 10Bq/kg.


1- The decorticated groundnuts grains shall be packaged in pored packages like Jute and shall be clean, sound, dry, strong containers which has never been used before and shall not lead to contamination or the grains.
2- The packages shall comply with the SDS 938 /2014 (groundnuts packaging for export).


In addition to the requirements stated in SDS 2009 /2015 (Packed Food or label Specification) the following information shall be shown on the package and the paper documents whereas bulk material information shall be on the paper documents only:
1- Name of the product: Decorticated groundnuts grains ( for oil extraction or hand selected groundnuts grains human consumption ).
2- Grade of the grains as shown in Clause 3.2.1.
3- Name of the producers and trade mark (if any ).
4- Country of origin.
5- Net weight by Kg or its units.
6- Dates of harvest and packaging (Month – Year).
7- Shelf life.


• Decorticated groundnuts grains shall be transported in such a way to protect them from atmospheric change, insect and rodent’s contamination and mechanical damage.
• Means of transport shall be clean and have not been used for transporting pesticides, herbicides or any toxic or pungent substances.


1 - Decorticated groundnuts grains shall be stored in clean premises, well ventilated and have not been used before for storage of materials hazardous for human health.
2 – The stores shall protect the grains from damage caused by moisture, insects, rodents or other pests.