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Sun Flower Seeds


They are seeds obtained from sunflower plant Helianthus annulus L. used for extraction of edible sunflower oil.


General specifications :-
Safe for human consumption.
Clean, safe, free from impurities and other toxic and unhealthy seeds .
Free dorm living and dead insects, their parts and different phases, rodents, parasites and bird and their remains.
Free from visual fungal growth.
The sunflower seeds shall not be genetically modified.
My cotoxins, heavy metals and pesticide in the product normally comply with the limits stated in Sudanese Standard issued in this respect.
Radiation level in the product not exceed 10 Bg/kg.
Microbial levels in the product not exceed the maximum permissible limits according to the Sudanese Standard to be issued in this respect.
The product normally be packed in clean containers not previously used and water proof and shall not lead to contamination or changes in the natural properties of the product making it unfit for human consumption.
The packages used normally comply the Sudanese Standard specified for the product.
The product normally be transported under good conditions that protect it from weather changes, insect infestation, rodents, contamination and damage .
Means of transport is clean, and not use before for transportation of pesticides, herbicides or any other toxic materials that may cause change in chemical or physical properties of the product .
The sunflower normally stored in good premises that have not been used before for storing toxic materials and safe to the extent that protects the product from damage by insects and rodents, humidity and high temperature.
The stores normally comply with SDS 3891(Food materials storage premises).