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Seeds of melon

Watermelon Seeds
A product with different types prepared for human consumption .and apply to other watermelon seeds products, such as oil and seed cake. They are obtained from the watermelon monocarp of the species Catullus l annattos L with the size and color


Technical Requirements :-
The water melon seeds are comply with the following general requirements :
Clean and free from the foreign taste and odor .
Sound and fully mature .
Free from toxic and harmful seeds .
Free from living and dead insects, their parts and different phases, rodents, parasites and bird filth.
Free from visual fungal growth.
3- Pesticide residuse, heavy metals and mycotoxins in the product shall not exceed
4- The limits accrding to sudanese standard to be indorsed by SSMO.
5- Radiation level in the product shall not exceed 10 Bq/kg.
6- Microbial levels in the product shall not exceed tha maximumm permissible limits according to the sudanese standard to be instored by SSMO.
The product normally packaged in clean and sound packaged not previously used and not lead to contamination or change in the natural properties of the product making it unfit human consumption.
Packages normally porous and comply wit the sudanese standard 3770/2013 (just bages).
The product normally transported under good conditions that protect it from weather changes, insect infestation, rodents, contamination and damage .
Means of transport is clean, and not use before for transportation of psticides,herbicides or any other toxic materials that may cause change in chmeical or physical properties of the product .
The product normally stored in good permises that have not been used before for storing toxic materials and shallbe safe to the extent that protects the product from demage by pests ( espacially insects and rodents ), humidity and high temperature.
The watermelon seeds stores in stores that comply with SDS 3891(Food materials storage premises).