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Algimma Agricultural Project

Algimma Agricultural Project.
It’s is located (170) kilometers north of Khartoum. And (40) kilometers east of Shendi city in the state of the River Nile.
The project covers an area of 30 thousand hectares
Potatoes, tomatoes , onion, melon, watermelon, peanuts, and other crops are the main products of the project
Project goals

o Development of agricultural and horticultural production for the purpose of export.

o Modernization and development of farms and systems of agriculture and irrigation.

o Development and improvement of agricultural infrastructure

Capacity and Potential
the project has a proven fleet of tractors and advanced agricultural equipment. Its purpose is to contribute to the development of agricultural work through the provision of agricultural services using the latest machinery in the application of technical packages and activate the role of agricultural engineering in raising efficiency and increase production and speed of performance

Export support programs competitiveness
The Gimma Project is a unique model in which the advanced agricultural production processes are integrated with the technologies and services of added value, in addition to the infrastructures that have been planned and implemented with high precision aimed at the development of agricultural exports such as:

o Seed Industry.

o Cold and dry storage.

o Refrigerated transport.

o Export Center.

Refrigerated storage
The project has the largest refrigerated warehouse in the state of Shendi on the national road with a storage capacity of 30,000 tons
The initial phase of the project, which is designed to store 10,000 tons, was completed and the project is completed with a total capacity of 200,000 tons for storage of onions, potatoes, fruit and others.

Why invest in the Gimma project
the project is an attractive and attractive investment opportunity to achieve the best results for all investors. The project achieves the highest return on investment, which exceeds 47%, as well as high quality production that achieve the highest competitive rates in the international markets.

Investor Services Program (INVEST PLUS)
Provision of land for agriculture suitable for the required areas and reclamation
providing distinguished agricultural services.
Provision of agricultural inputs.
Facilitate and streamline procedures related to government institutions and other institutions.