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Greenzone, is a Sudanese holding company established in Khartoum since 2012, consists of three business companies with huge other investments.
Greenzone is a part of GIAD Industrial Group (www.giad.com) which is a leader in industrial, agricultural Economic development in Africa and Arabian countries.
Greenzone has a continuous growth in the international markets, due to the very high quality of agriculture products, accompanied with excellent service at very competitive prices.
Greenzone considered as one of the world's leading agricultural seed producers and exporters.
Originally, Greenzone started in the Sudan, where is the land of the natural resources and abundance of high quality agricultural seeds. This has allowed Greenzone the possibility to provide quick, just-in-time reliable services to customers all over the world. Greenzone is now one of the world's leading agricultural seed producers and exporters.
Greenzonefocusing on exporting the available and Competitive agriculturalproducts from the Sudan to everywhere all over the world. Those products mainly are agricultural like sesame seed , Hibiscus flower , Gum Arabic , white sorghum “ Dura “ , peanut Valencia and Spanish , Senna pod and watermelon seed as far as high quality tropical fresh fruits such as mango and banana and most vegetables hardly found in Europe in winter season .

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